How To Become An Alpha Male
How To Become An Alpha Male And Attract Beautiful Women

When it comes to the dating scene, beautiful looking women can be very difficult to attract. It is not a wonder that so many men have a desire to learn how to become an alpha male.

There are many ingredients that come into play and the most important is knowing how to attract beautiful looking women. I am sure you heard this before, but do these people really know how to become an alpha male?

I am going to cut out of all the guru stuff and tell you about a technique that can take your womanizing game to the next level. This is something that I discovered when I was learning how to become an alpha male.

Its a way of making a girlfriend feel comfortable enough so that she’ll want intimacy without the usual waiting. The only way a woman will want to become intimate is if she feels comfortable with you. This has nothing to do with her being attracted to you.

Lets say you meet a woman in a coffee shop around afternoon and you two hit it off. She ends up loving your stories and you build rapport with her. In the evening, you get hungry and end up going to a restaurant for dinner. That dinner ends, now what do you do?

This is the point where most men become confused and it usually ends with a “call me, bye bye.”
Often, women wait before becoming intimate because they are not comfortable yet. A lucky guy may wait three dates while others can wait for months or never end up getting anything. I know this for a fact because it was me before deciding to learn how to become an alpha male.

What if there was a way to get around this barrier? There is and it is called the “boyfriending technique”. This is one of the first things you should master when you are learning how to become an alpha male.

Have you ever seen how couples in close relationships are always very comfortable with touching each other? You may have noticed that they will do some of the craziest things to each other because they are so comfortable. For example, I have seen men brush sleep out of a woman’s eye. This point is beyond being comfortable with having intercourse.

Get my flow? You can use this psychological technique to make women feel more comfortable around you.

In mid conversation, tell her to hold still and close her eye lids. Just pretend there is sleep in her eye and make her believe that you brushed it off.

After the dinner is done, tell her to remain still because there is food on her bottom lip. Just use your finger to gently brush off an imaginary piece of food of her bottom lip.

The result of this technique is that it communicates to her that you two are very comfortable with each other. The other part is that it brings your heads closer together which can progress towards making out. Lastly, a woman’s bottom lip has great concentration of nerve endings and can stimulate her sex hormones.

This is just one of many techniques I learned from the Alpha Male System by John Alexander which start with a simple hello and end with getting laid in just one night.


Its possible to have a girlfriend and still learn how to become an alpha male. The only problem is that men become too dependent on their women for happiness. We need to be confident regardless of what others may think.

You see, being in a relationship can make guys lazy because we get laid with no effort (at least most of the time). This laziness can make us lose that high value mindset that alpha’s are suppose to have.

You need to have that high value mindset if you want to maximize how your girlfriend will feel for you. You want her to feel about you as she did on the first date, don’t you?

So how do you make her feel like it’s her first date every day? The first thing you need to do is stop running after your girl like a lost puppy. The way to stop her from treating you poorly is by rewarding her when she treats you well and ignoring her when she doesn’t. If you want to learn how to become an alpha male, then you need to develop a strong mindset.

If she does something which is really mean or rude, you can stop spending quality time with her and focus on something else. Do not make the mistake of engaging in rude behavior that involves shouting or swearing. The calmer you do this, the better the outcome will be.

If she does something which is good (like having intercourse with you), you need to reward her and show her appreciation. This can be done by spending more time or listening to her feelings. One thing women like is to be listened to.

Here is the recap if you want to learn how to become an alpha male or maintain your status with an existing girlfriend.

1. Always have the desire to focus your time on things other than your girlfriend. Do not reward her for behavior that is not acceptable. Reward her when she has done something you like.

2. Have the mindset that you will not let her bring you down in case she threatens to leave you. This will make her want to continue to impress you as she will never be fully comfortable.

3. Do not let her think that you love her more than she loves you. If you are saying it to her more times than she is telling you, its a problem. You need to cut down the lovey dubby stuff to her level.

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How to Become an Alpha Male


If you want to learn how to become an alpha male, then you need to understand body language. University researchers have revealed that 67 to 93 percent of human interaction is non verbal and a person’s body language shows their emotional state. It really does not matter if you won a championship or lost a job, it can be seen through your body language.

A man who is trying to attract or impress women should always be aware of the non verbal messages they are sending. The following should always be considered when learning how to become an alpha male:

1. Your movements should be easy going as if you do not have a concern in the world. Move through the world doing what you want to do and assume that other people will follow you.

2. Have a normal posture and do not shy away from taking up space. This is not to say that you should have your arms and shoulders overly spread out.

3. Your face should be relaxed and do not let your jaw tense up. The face is where people usually look first, so you should avoid frowning or other similar gestures.

4. Shoulders should be relaxed as if you are relaxing on the beach. This means you should not raise them too high as its a sign of nervousness.

To learn how to become an alpha male, you really need to understand that your body and verbal language need to be in align. What you say needs to match how you look in order to attract women. If you are trying to impress a woman with your confidence, but you look down, you will come off as a fake.

Obviously, body language is not the only component of learning how to become an alpha male. You need that inner factor which gives you that status. Keep in mind that your swagger can improve how you feel inside. Even if you feel a little down, you can improve your mood by walking with a spring in your step. This means that your body language has the power to influence your mindset.

To conclude this post, you need to use your mind and body to learn how to become an alpha male. You can be in a woman’s space and be attracted to her, but do not be desperate for her attention. Be comfortable with yourself and who you are.

John Alexander has designed a successful system for seduction called the Alpha Male System. It teaches you how to become an alpha male and display body language that attracts women like a magnet.

How to Become an Alpha Male


A great number of men are interested in learning how to become an alpha male. The idea of being a top dog appeals to a lot of men because it can attract a lot of things into their life. Some people are naturally born like this and others need to learn how to become an alpha male. The following are some of the benefits of being the alpha male:

1. Center Of Attention – Have everyone listen to you, look up to you and follow your every move.

2. Comfortable In Your Own Skin – You are comfortable with who you are and you do not care what other people think. You are assertive enough to say your own opinion and you are happy and confident with every situation.

3. Takes The Glory – If you tell a funny joke, they take it up a notch and steal the laugh. When you do something impressive, you get congratulated and receive approval from everyone.

4. Can Be A Nice Guy And Still Be Cool – This goes back to being comfortable in your own skin. He can be a nice down to earth guy on occasions and get more credit. This is the opposite of being a geek and asking for validation by being nice.

5. Enjoys A Challenge – Alpha males will be good friends with the Beta, but will not shy away to challenge another alpha male. This means you are not intimidated of others with your status.

6. Attracts Women – They are usually gentlemen that will attract ladies of all kind. This can be done with little to no effort because of their status.

Of course, there are many other benefits which are not mentioned here. However, I believe that the reasons above are enough to motivate any man to learn how to become an alpha male.

How to Become an Alpha Male


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